Into the Moroccan desert

A week long journey starting in Fez, going all the way into the Sahara. Morocco is a country full of color, flavours, friendliness and beautiful people. We've been lucky enough to get acquainted with a small family, living a nomadic lifestyle in the desert and we shared some wonderful and intimate moments together. A completely different world than the one I know of and live in, yet so easy to come together, while feeling connected through music, jokes and stories made of body language. 

Capturing genuine emotions in a proper way is one of the hardest things I can think of regarding photography, yet also the most rewarding. We've spent a wonderful time with old friends, new friends and the fantastic and generous people of Morocco Sand Sea Tours, which I happily call amongst my friends now as well!

Sepp in the desert
Moroccan city
Waves of sand
The tallest one
The storyteller - a closer look
The game
Heating up in the early morning
Doing the dishes - desert style
A nomad tent
Returning the goats at the end of the day
Desert life
A shared moment
Little kids dancing around
Morning fire
Father and son
Father and son II
The prayer