Let's go on a photography adventure.


Improve your photography in the most unique places. Whether it is deep inside the rugged highlands of Iceland, across the isles of Scotland or in any other place: you are guaranteed to create lasting memories. Check the different destinations and options below. 


Iceland // exploring the highlands

Think you've seen Iceland? Think twice. We will find ourselves deep inside the highlands: massive canyons, a search for the northern lights, astounding waterfalls. Hop in that Land Rover and come along!



With its hidden waterfalls, tall cliffs and enormous rock formations, sculpted by time, Scotland provides the perfect setting for an adventurous photo journey. Search for wildlife, hunt for the perfect light and end the day with a sip of whisky. 


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Iceland // Between light and dark

APRIL 9-16, 2018


SEPT. 13-20, 2017


ICELAND // RUN THROUgh The night

APRIL 8-14, 2017 // APRIL 20-26, 2017

What do people think?


"We've been promised a photography adventure. And that is exactly what we got. The organisation was top notch, neat locations for the night, a fun group of like minded folks and not to forget loads of opportunities to explore the outdoors and learn some welcome photography tricks. No question was too small and more importantly, humor was involved. The magic potion was when we witnessed nature's own theatre: the northern lights. All in all it was a remarkable trip. One that I would definitely recommend."

Hannah de Blaeij


"Chris developed a course which was entertaining, challenging, exhausting (in a good way) and most of all safe. He made sure the pace was a challenge, but never too much and as a professional photographer myself i can easily say i learned so much. From adopting other styles, challenging my way of thinking and allowing me to teach others my specialties made this a trip i will remember a lifetime. If you want out of comfort, learning, laughing and just an all good adventure, Chris will throw in some photography skill boosting on these trips and all that. Don’t hesitate, as i might steal your spot on one of the future trips.."

Martin Hols

"Never have I learned and experienced so much in one single week. Chris selected a wonderful group of people with which we travelled through Iceland. During this week I learned a lot about the basics of photography. Besides everything I learned about photography we had an amazing week with the group, and friendships were build. We all had things to learn each other and the positivity of the group made this week even better. Photographing day and night, cooking together with amazing stories on the most beautiful places, putting an alarm at 3 o’clock to catch the Northern lights, dropping everything you are doing to chase some arctic foxes, and so on and on. To summarise, this week really was a wonderful experience which I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Chris!"

Casper van den Abeele



I am Chris König, a photographer based in the Netherlands. Halfway through my studies in psychology I decided to pursue my passion for photography. The studies weren't a waste however, since I completed my Master in Training & Development and the experience and knowledge are a useful addition in the photography workshops I organise.

Since the beginning of 2017 I organised multiple successful workshops in Iceland, with a focus on the combination between photography and adventure. The urge for adventure is something you will see reflected in my work and personal life: living in a campervan enables me to easily adapt to new environments and most of the time is spent abroad - either on assignment, chasing sunsets in the mountains on a passion project, or teaching others about photography!

hello@adventurizer.com / +31 6 39182171