September 2017


SEPTEMBER .. - .. 2017 ///   hosted by Chris König

It is time for a new adventure! We'll be heading to Iceland from the .. of September until the .. of September, 2017.

A workshop to take you on an adventure throughout the mainland and coastline of Iceland. The rugged landscape, glaciers, waterfalls and a unique black coast - there is a lot of diversity out there and together we will explore and create. We won't just be observers; we'll go on an adventure.

With Chris König as your host, we will be looking for that sense of greatness in a variety of sceneries, stay awake during the night to witness the Milky Way and possibly find the beautiful Northern Lights.



Scroll down for more information about the specifics of this adventure.


Day & night

Although the title suggests this is a photography workshop, it will be more than that. During 7 days we will be looking for off the stunning photo locations, sometimes only reachable by foot. You will be taught how to capture that one moment, but also how to process the imagery afterwards: everything regarding setting up the shot, technical details and post-processing will be covered. The most important goal however, is to have a great adventure together. To visit lesser known photography locations, to camp underneath the stars and make the most of the hours with the most beautiful light; it will all be part of our journey.

There will be a maximum of 6 participants to have enough time for individual interaction and for transportation there will be 4x4 vehicles available.


Detailed information about the trip and requirements is to be found below.


Costs: 1950 euros

Availability: 6 spots


What will be covered?

  • Seven days of photography training (camera basics, composition, light, post-processing, social media)
  • Three nights accommodation (twin or triple shared) and three nights camping in the field
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the days we camp in the field
  • Transportation by 4x4

What will not be covered?

  • Flight to Reykjavik (make sure to be in Reykjavik by the 20th of April)</li>
  • Lunch and dinner during the nights inside (different options to choose from will be available)</li>
  • Travel insurance


Frequently asked questions are to be found below.



What level of photography is required?

The workshop will be suitable for anyone interested in photography and adventure! Whether you're a beginner or at an advanced level, Iceland will provide us with the perfect background to improve your skills. We won't only focus on creating a technically perfect photo (with the necessary post-processing), but we will work on the story telling aspect as well.

How ready should I physically be?

As the title suggests, it will be an adventurous week. We will spend some nights in the field, in a tent, which might not be perceived as the most comfortable, however, it provides us with the most interesting photographic opportunities! Since we will also explore more unknown places, we have to do some hiking and for some of the best spots there are absolutely no existing routes, so we have to create our own path. Being quite fit works definitely to your advantage! Also, bringing the proper camping gear is strongly suggested. You can find more about that in the next section.

What  do I need to bring?

Since we will be traveling during late summer, temperature during night can decrease to 5 degrees Celcius. Warm and waterproof clothing is definitely required! Also, make sure to bring a well-isolated sleeping bag for comfortable camping nights. An extensive list of things to bring will be provided by mail to the participants.

As for photography gear: Bring a DSLR camera with a sturdy tripod, at least a wide-angle lens, a 35mm/50mm prime lens and a telephoto zoom lens.

How strict is the itinerary?

The weather in Iceland is one of the most unreliable things ever: the forecast might be good and before you know the rain is pouring from the skies. We will try to cover as many interesting locations and we will change the schedule according to the weather. Being versatile is key.



Additional information

Application doesn't automatically grand you a spot for the workshop: application gives an idea about your skill level and interests and we will do our best to form a diverse group of like-minded people in order to create the best experience for everyone.

For any questions or remarks, feel free to send an email to



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