A new beginning

Is there something scarier than a new beginning? To try something, not knowing whether you will succeed, whether the plan is thought through well enough, or whether it would’ve been best to stick to the direction you were already going. Well, even though there are so many uncertainties in a new beginning, to me this feels like one of the most exciting moments that have happened so far. 

A different path.

In 2015 I had a choice between focusing on photography completely or taking part in a great training program at the University of Amsterdam. To be educated to give trainings and coaching in communication and group dynamics, with a psychological approach to it all – a scientific course, but with a really practical touch. Even though this chance to take part in the program wasn’t something I really planned for, it truly was an opportunity and I decided to take it. 

Now, at the end of 2016, more than a year went by and the program approaches the finish line. Conclusion: my passion for photography and story telling only increased over the months and the closer we get to 2017, the more I am looking forward to finish the chapter. From primary school to high school to university – a chapter of studying and developing myself, with some amazing, but brief journeys in between – but still not réally doing what I already wanted to commit to, more than a year ago. 

The beginning.

Now then, why did I set up the Adventurizer and why are you reading this post? From the beginning of 2017 I will start to work on converting a van to be able to live in it (you know, #vanlife). The van isn’t meant to only be a temporary home to go on a roadtrip with, but it will be the start of my new chapter: I want to be able to go wherever, to explore, document stories and above all, continue to do that for as long as I am passionate about it.

There are many issues, technical difficulties and obstacles (I mean, I haven’t built a van before, nor have I lived a traveling lifestyle for more than a few months), but I feel like the motivation to own my own mobile home and to take my house with me wherever I am is strong enough to just go for it. I am sure there will be setbacks, but only thinking about the result – the moment I stop paying my rent and sleeping in the van for the first time – makes me smile from behind my computer while writing this.  :)

The concept.

On one hand the Adventurizer will be a journal dedicated to a traveling lifestyle, sharing visual stories of assignments, locations, and experiences. On the other hand I am hoping to provide a platform to exchange knowledge about traveling and photography, to collaborate with inspiring people and creative brands.

Next to an explanation of the concept, this is also a call for action: if you want to contribute by sharing your ideas or if you want to work out a concept, I am always up for a double espresso somewhere to meet up and discuss!

The Adventurizer is starting up and all input is more than welcome. To me, this is the exciting start of a new chapter and I am confident there will be so many great adventures and experiences to share. If you ever need a ride, you know where to find me – well, maybe not location wise, but we’ll be in touch for sure. Please let me know about your ideas and what you think below!

A big hug for you all!