Along the South of England: a road trip

Along the South of England: a road trip

It is never not time for a road trip. When we got the chance to take part in this beautiful journey along the South Coast of England organised by DFDS, it didn't take long before the yes-word was said and we embarked on our journey by ferry to the shore of Dover. 

sunset from the boat

Since England is said to be moody - and we like moody - it should provide for some good photo opportunities. Since I could take my own campervan with me on the ferry, it was easy to make stops where ever we wanted along the South Coast. 

The Jurassic Coast

The more well known highlight of the South and rightfully on the UNESCO world heritage list, is the Jurassic Coast. With its cliffs formed over the span of the Jura - obviously - the coastline stands out because of the white color and rough land formations. Beautiful to stroll around during a windy English afternoon, while enjoying the ruggedness of nature. 

jurassic coast
lulworth cove

Since the coastline with its white cliffs is around 150 kilometers in length, there are some specific places worth visiting. The Seven Sisters stand out because of their beautifully white color and you can walk directly underneath the cliffs: I guess this is what the Wall from Game of Thrones would look like if made from rocks. Also, the beautiful arch named Durdle Door stands rock-solid in the sea, waiting to be visited. 

white cliffs
durdle door

Castles of the past

Another solid reason to pay Southern England a visit, is the massive amount of castles. Usually in an excellent condition the castles make you feel like a knight or a lady from the past. Drawbridges, battlements, picturesque towers and flowery gardens: they have it all! Whether it is the huge castle moat around Bodiam castle, or the fairytale-like Scotney castle, you will find the castle you've always wanted to live in! Tip of the day: when you arrive by ferry in the city of Dover, you practically bump into Dover castle - a beautiful and considerably large castle worth visiting. 

dover castle
bodiam castle
scotney castle

Thanks to DFDS for organising a wonderful road trip. If you want to go on a weekend getaway and still want to have the flexibility of your own transportation, make sure to have a look at the website or at specifically for this time of the year. If you have any questions or remarks, make sure to let me know below!

horse in meadow
couple in front of boat
cow on the road