A pittoresque side of France: The Lorraine

A pittoresque side of France: The Lorraine 

Recently we got invited by the region of the Lorraine to pay the area a visit: to experience the famed atmosphere of the peaceful and quiet farmlands and the authenticity of the small villages. What better than enjoying the heat of a small stove, while cooking some hot soup after a long day of exploring the neighbouring forests and fields? Allow me to introduce you to some of the activities and locations which particularly made for a long lasting impression! 

a walk through the forest

Bol d'Air

Hidden inside a dense forest, you'll find the wooden huts of Bol d'Air. This peculiar type of accommodation offers a variety of wooden huts, all with their own theme and styled interior. Not only will you be transported back to the age of the old fishermen, or the wonderful world of the Hobbit, you'll also be welcomed with a homemade breakfast basket, right on your doorstep after waking up. 

bol d'air
dinner in the hut
Quick tip: you'll find this Lac des Corbeaux at walking distance from the huts 

Quick tip: you'll find this Lac des Corbeaux at walking distance from the huts 

Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix

This wildlife park does a great job at replicating the natural environment of most of its inhabitants. It will always remain questionable whether keeping animals in a park is the ethical thing to do. However, the park was founded with focus on animal studies, with the aim to teach the youth about different fauna, in order bring more respect to nature and wild animals in general: definitely a message to appreciate! Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy the beauty of nature for much longer, as long as we take care of our environment and learn about the different animals populating it. 

red panda
grey wolf

Vent des forêts

An art project - again - mainly hidden in the woods. Throughout the forest you'll be able to follow different routes which guide you along various artistic objects. One specific item I'd like to point out, is the beautiful cabin designed by Matali Crasset. You can spend the night in this remote place and enjoy your local specialties next to a small campfire. Wake up around sunrise and chances are you'll run into a herd of deer!

cabin campfire
walk into the cabin


One of the tallest places in the Lorraine. With it's 1364 meters altitude you'll have a beautiful 360 degrees panoramic view on the surrounding area. You should definitely visit one of the so-called auberges not too far away from the summit to enjoy a freshly made piece of pie, or a traditional flamkuchen (the area once was part of Germany, so some of the traditions like this recipe remained).

jumping on the rocks
out-of-focus portrait

Lac de Pierre-Percée

Especially when you are travelling with your own car it is worth it to make a pitstop at the lake and enjoy the beautiful pink sand surrounding the lake. Buy a bottle of wine at one of the local wine producers, bring some delicious French cheese and take a moment for a good picknick. There isn't a thing such as too many picknicks! Also, there are plenty of watersports activities around the lake to take part in, in case you're feeling like you need to be active again after that big lunch..



Thanks to the Lorraine for organising this fun road trip. You can find more information about the region here.