Road into the jungle


green leaves

The jungle.

A concept that's already intriguing as a child. Whether it was during watching Tarzan or The Jungle Book, I always wondered what it would be like to wander around those enormous trees, listen to the noises of the animals and find a way into a different world.. 

In reality, the jungle proved slightly different than imagined in those childhood stories, but it was an experience of its own. The sounds of the rainforest, pressing heat, buzzing flies and lush green leaves are hard to capture, yet overwhelming to experience. Oh and did you know the Manu rainforest - located in Peru - is the biggest conserved jungle area in the world?

car in the jungle
car close up
black bird
jungle road
dog in jungle
cooking woman jungle
jungle family
sitting in the dark
pulling the boat
overlooking the water
people in boat
boat in dark
boat in the dark 2
overlooking the river

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